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Describes the range of natural health practices and techniques used improve health outcomes. Naturopathic therapies have many options for health care choice which are a part of  a persons health maintenance strategies. This process often involves lifestyle reflection and a commitment toward personal change. A consultation normally explores dietary planning and modifications, exercise routines, rest and relaxation strategies,massage, reflexology, Yoga, meditation, Tai chi. The application of  therapeutic tools such as Iridology, hair analysis, and materials such as homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, supplements, Australian bush flower essences, are used to enhance wellbeing.





“I have found Catherine's treatment excellent, particularly with pre and post operative care. She is caring and understanding and will go to great lengths to research a particular ailment to see how she can assist with Naturopathic treatment”



A system of therapy developed in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy is applied to the total symptom picture a person feels, normally a single remedy is used to provide relief  from the range of complaints. The remedies can be administered in drops or milk sugar pillules.  The principle of minimum dose makes it an effective, gentle and versatile form of therapy. Homoeopathy is well suited to people with sensitivities, the elderly, pregnant women, children, it is low risk. Homoeopathic medicine was so effective in the UK during the Cholera outbreak in London 1854, that Homoeopathic Hospitals were established  accross the country. 

Formulas are made to cater for individual needs.


Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are beneficial nutritionally as well as medicinally. Herbal medicines connects us all to our ancient roots using plant based medicine to alleviate our ailments. Herbal medicines come from roots, stems, leaves, bark, flowers and plant resins.They are available in many user friendly forms such as tea, powders, tinctures, liquids, capsules and tablets. Herbal remedies often have less side effects than conventional prescriptions. Formulas are made to cater for individual needs.


Products dispensed with consultation

Herbal Medicines, Homeopathic Remedies, Nutritional Supplements and 

Flower Essences.


"After suffering annual bouts of an annoying skin problem Catherine made me a Herbal remedy which cleared it up imediately"


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