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Natural medicine includes the use of diet, vitamins and minerals, herbs, homeopathic medicine, flower essences and massage to achieve better health.  Naturopathy involves the holistic treatment of a person which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself, to restore balance. Naturopathy also supports the body by addressing symptoms which can lead to ongoing health problems.  Naturopathic consultation can help improve health  a practitioner suggests lifestyle change and  helps to correct nutritional imbalances by recommending dietary changes and supplementation.


My consultation process involves a thorough assessment, of past and present health complaints, analysis of diet and lifestyle which can influence and maintain ill health. I use traditional analytical tools such as Iridology for constitutional analysis, modern Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for the identification of heavy metal toxiciities. I test for zinc and iodine status, elements essential for immune and metabolic function, elements that are commonly forgotten.  


I have had excellent outcomes with clients experiencing low energy, those requiring immune support, skin, urinary and digestive complaints, stress and sleep disturbances.  I also provide health support for travellers, mothers, babies, small children and the elderly.  Most clients benefit greatly after 2-3 visits and usually visit seasonally or as required.

I now consult online as well as face to face and look forward to your enquiry

Catherine Angel

Mount Nasura WA
Mobile: 0423 636 583

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